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There’s mounting evidence that the tax bill – which screws over the poor and delivers legislative filet mignon to the rich, with the middle class left to gnaw on the gristle – would be the most unpopular major new law in several generations.Writing in the New York Times, Michael Tomasky found the tax bill – winning approval from only a mere 30 percent of the public – was the second most unpopular piece of significant legislation with the American people since 1990, and that No.Scroll down for video The song, she said, is 'really quite dark, and it's literally about the way he died.And I wrote it on the plane - couldn't sleep - and I was just chilling, and I don't know why I was feeling really inspired, and then I just wrote one.'She's said, 'I hope a lot of people when they listen to it, either, you know, their father walked out on them, or their father has died, or they're not close with them at all.'Bella's aim is that 'this song kind of represents everybody with that past, that doesn't speak out about it, that doesn't listen to music, that says, like: "You're gone and now I'm left alone." Who - they don't come to that conclusion.'She went on: 'You know, they're always fighting to, like, keep, like: "Oh, I'm not alone.She'd explained: 'My father died in a motorcycle accident.

Will Bunch has worked at the Daily News for 20-plus years and is now senior writer. The actress and singer had on chic crop top that flashes her belly button when she swung by the Sirius XM Studios in New York to be on Sway In The Morning alongside the DJ Prince Fox.The 19-year-old singer and actress revealed on the show she has written a song about her father Reinaldo Thorne who died in 2007 during a motorcycle accident.But he said he understands the most important thing is to not cross his tribe.“In the end I’m going to trust the people who are philosophically aligned with me,” Cole told the cable business channel, in the same breath with which he praised the brilliance of House Speaker Paul Ryan – whose college days were spent tapping a keg and planning how to take away poor people’s health care.

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