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Shortly before I had met Joe, Ian and I had been on holiday in one of those all inclusive resort places in the Caribbean, a couple of weeks of sun and not much else.

It was a little out of season, so the place was pretty quiet.

Joseph, or Joe as he asked me to call him had the six pack, that was obvious even under the threads, but he also had the intelligence I wanted from any man I was to take seriously.

That he stood at over six foot, clearly had a superb physique and sculpted features that gave him almost a perfect classical look may have been secondary, but having passed through my acceptance criteria in the first minute, I found myself drinking in these attributes as we went through our business. Despite my schoolgirl ‘crush’, he was never going to be mine - for a start I am married to Ian, a lovely man a couple of years younger than me.

He is my second husband, a regular looking middle aged man with a decent job and a good companion and friend. I’ve been a 'good girl’ most of my life, doing what was expected of me and getting on. Two husbands kept satisfied, though increasingly rarely nowadays and a few other boyfriends when not wed.

Whilst not thrilling, it’s a good relationship and one I enjoyed and valued.. Sure, I am probably what you would call attractive for my age, a typical English Rose with delicate features, average sized breasts and a slim almost boyish figure and still blonde, even if there is a little grey mixed in with it. I’m certainly not a missionary only girl, but hardly a porn star either.

Boy could she talk, but it was interesting and fun.

She had done stuff and had opinions she could back up.

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This was probably the most frank conversation I had ever had with another woman.

And all this in a package that stood on the most awesome slender legs to 5'2", probably no more than a hundred pounds and with a fantastic and proudly displayed 34D rack pushing out that tiny bikini top.

Being a woman I couldn’t help but notice how 'buffed’ smooth she was and that seemed to continue to the bikini bottoms which rode smoothly over her pubic mound.

I guess this all sums up why I just couldn’t imagine being with a man like Joe in any sense of the word. Over the course of our long meeting I found Joe a really interesting and articulate man.

After the deal was concluded he offered to take me for lunch to say thanks for the deal.

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