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If you notice any major changes to Wiring Pi or Voice Command that make my instructions obsolete, please leave a comment or send me a message.

You may need to do some poking around online to find out if your webcam is compatible with the Raspberry Pi (keep in mind that you only need the mic, and don't care about video).I used a label maker since I didn't have properly color-coded wire. If you're good at following breadboard diagrams, you can just go ahead and use the first image above.If that seems a little overwhelming, try doing it one step at a time (following the pictures in order): 1. Important - I didn't realize until after I made all of these diagrams that the packaging on the relays is slightly too bulky for them to occupy adjacent breadboard rows, as pictured here.So, for the circuit diagrams (expertly drawn in Powerpoint), I'll use the following convention: 5V: red GND: black ON1: blue OFF1: gray ON2: yellow OFF2: brown ON3: green OFF3: white In the photos of my actual build, you will only see red and black wire.Of course you can use whatever colors you prefer - my intent is that the color-coding scheme in the diagrams will be easier to follow, and I apologize that it doesn't match up to my photos exactly (it was this, or miss the deadline for the Hardware Hacking contest).

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