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I have already done what you suggested me but when i switch the OS, the download doesn't resume. I will try and see if anything is wrong with my settings.

Than Q for the suggestion but I did force-recheck mate.

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you just have to make one folder for torrents (/whatever/torrents/) and one for data (/whatever/data/), then set utorrent and transmission to automaticly add torrents from /whatever/torrents/ and save data in /whatever/data/.

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I don't think a newbie searching for the forums wud like it when he finds answers like yours! Removed automatically adding suffixes in the torrent client settings and it is working as needed.

@amjjawad - If you think a little bit u wud understand that i was trying not to waste download time when i switch OS. ut' and '.part' suffixes i use in u Torrent and Transmission for incomplete downloads.

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