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Saab Automobile AB, better known as Saab, was a Swedish car manufacturer owned by the Dutch automobile manufacturer Swedish Automobile NV, formerly Spyker Cars NV.It was the exclusive automobile royal warrant holder as appointed by H. Since its inception, Saab has become known for turbocharging, “quirkiness”, safety and "green" technology.The 9-2X sold very poorly, with Saab barely managing to sell a few thousand of them.Likewise, the 9-7X SUV has garnered slow sales when compared to competing brands.Notably, the car’s drag coefficient of 0.30 was the lowest of any production car at the time.

The losses are all the more daunting because Saab, in 2005, posted record unit sales in Europe, its core market.General Motors bought half of Saab Automobile in 1990, with an option to acquire the entire company within a decade.Before exercising that option GM shared its ownership of Saab Automobile with Investor AB, the main owner of Saab.The Saab 9-2X, a rebadged Subaru Impreza that was manufactured in Japan, was discontinued after the 2006 model year.A new crossover SUV, dubbed the 9-4X, will share a platform with the new Cadillac BRX and is expected to go on sale in 2010. In 1990 GM purchased half of Saab (and bought the other half ten years later) in what is now seen as an impulse buy.

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