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The Brooklyn Study: Reshaping the Future of Healthcare, Restructuring and investing in healthcare delivery in the communities brooklyn-healthcare-transformation-study_0 Community Risk Ranking 2106 2016-ccc-community-risk-ranking The report shines a light on the stark disparities experienced by children across the city – the highest-risk communities cluster in upper Manhattan, the south Bronx and central Brooklyn, while children growing up in neighborhoods just a few blocks or a brief subway ride away experience significantly lower risks.

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Correcting the record on Brooklyn CB9's recommendation on the Bedford Union Armory.Windy conditions, with sustained winds of 30-35 MPH and 50-55 MPH gusts are expected.Coastal flooding, minor to locally moderate impacts are possible.Funeral services are scheduled for Friday, November 10, at 11AM, with the wake and view period from 9 - 11AM only. 11213 The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Bedford Union Armory (Project ref.Located at Bethel Tabernacle, on 90 Schenectady Avenue. number: 16DME005K) was issued on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

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