Sex toys online business the dark side of internet dating

Sex toys are a growth market attracting an ever-growing customer base as well as smart high-tech product designers and ever-clever investors looking for the next hot opportunity.

And nothing is hotter than sex.* * *Last year, Cave Inc., a San Francisco-based startup specializing in elegant, up-market sex toys, raised .4 million from a group of 60-plus angel investors.

They “are seemingly dominated by male founders in their early 20s and they can’t stop giggling, a lot of jitters.”* * *Sex paraphernalia has gone mainstream.

One can stop at a local specialty adult retail shop, go online to a site or stop at a Walgreens and pick up massage oils, condoms, spermicides, vibrators, lubricants, contraceptives and sex games.

’ (‘Yes for the clitoris,’ I reply’)"; and those who ”get our technology straight away and want to invest.”Stacy Rybchin is founder of two small New York-based sex-toy outlets, My Secret Luxury and My Secret Soiree, that sell high-end sex toys and organize in-home toy parties – “passion parties” – at which mostly women (including Christians) get together in a friend’s living room for fun and the perusal and purchase of adult novelty products.

Online service providers have repeatedly rejected Rybchin’s applications, restricting her businesses from growing.

Vibe Ease describes its mission in bold terms: “We believe the world will be a better place when women can have orgasms as much as men do!

In February 2014, Shauna Mei, a former Goldman Sachs analyst and founder of AHAlife, launched AHAnoir, billed as “a premium destination for exclusive, high-quality adult products and boudoir accessories.” Mei raised about million to launch AHAlife in 2010, a membership site offering recommendations on high-end clothing, cosmetics and other boutique products.

Sex toys are a multi-billion-dollar industry with an ever-growing customer base driven by women.

Hungry startup investors and well-meaning crowdfunding donors are out there, willing to take a risk.

"This is a massive market opportunity with very few players and a community eager for a new product," he said.

"The quality of design for women's most intimate products has long suffered,” insists Ti Chang, the Cave’s co-founder and head of design.

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