Restores your old files and ends the updating

Now you might think maven sort of sucks because of the problems listed above but this actually would be fairly difficult with a build tool that does not have a declarative easy to parse extendable syntax (aka XML).In fact we add custom XML attributes through namespaces to help hint bash/groovy scripts (e.g. Are you possibly depending on development versions that obviously change a lot during development?So the conclusion is use the versions-maven-plugin if you can.Sometimes you don't want to use version ranges, because it seems that they are "slow" to resolve your dependencies, especially when there is continuous delivery in place and there are tons of versions - mainly during heavy development.RELEASE refers to the last non-snapshot release in the repository.

It is flawed because to run the versions plugin to adjust versions all the existing versions need to exist for the pom to run correctly.

That is the versions plugin cannot update to the latest version of anything if it can't find the version referenced in the pom.

This is actually rather annoying as we often cleanup old versions for disk space reasons.

When you depend on a plugin or a dependency, you can use the a version value of LATEST or RELEASE.

LATEST refers to the latest released or snapshot version of a particular artifact, the most recently deployed artifact in a particular repository.

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