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This would be the first time the four of us were all together in eight years. She taught Aikijutsu, had a small and exclusive class, and made good money doing it. She was getting into teaching modern dance since she was getting a bit older and never hit the big time. She was the only one who had any weight, being a little bit chubby, which I think only added to her cuteness. I sought to really impress my sisters and establish myself in some way as being superior. I raised my glass in a toast, and then he drained his! That I was ashamed and mortified about my secret fetish, that I had tried therapy, denial, self-help books, anything to get past this obsession I had about drinking girls' urine? Slowly, deliberately, almost reverently, Leslee rose and removed her black tights. The wonder of this sight combined with the smell, taste and feel or her urinating vagina set off another ejaculation in me, my penis swelling in ecstatic rhythm, spewing forth another load of semen into my already soaked and sticky pants.

None of my sisters had ever married, and I myself was single. Just tilted it and guzzled it, right in front of everybody! You know we're all sorry for how we treated you back then, but you always came back for more. That I had wet dreams about my sisters, women I knew, celebrity females, or unknown girls holding me down and peeing into my mouth and forcing me to drink it, exactly like the pee game we had played so many years ago? She skinned out of her white panties, straddled my head, and for a second time a red haired pussy was lowered on to my mouth. She slowly regained her composure and rose, and stood next to her other bottomless sisters. I burped a couple of times, feeling drunk on wine, piss, and love. "You won't ever have to chase me down or wrestle me for this ever again.

Leslee had a nice, modern furnished apartment downtown, spacious and comfortable. " "I dated a guy named Mike for a while," said Leslee. He liked it, but he was into the whole humiliation/fetish thing. That was really, really exciting, but yeah, he was weird. Lots of really older guys on that website into that though, kinda creepy. But you all see where I'm going with this, don't you? "It all links back to the pee game we played with Tom. "Well, I, um, you know..." I stammered, "It's sort of something that I don't think about too much. She was sopping wet, and I opened as wide as I could, and enveloped her pudenda with my lips. She looked down with an adoring gaze, and I thought I saw a tear form in the corner of her eye. I felt not intimidated, or humiliated by my sisters, but like they had lifted me up to a new level of self-worth and confidence, and I felt nothing but gratitude and tenderness towards them. " breathed Marion, her tears abating as she beamed a wide smile. You're my sisters, and I know that you love me, and I love all of you.

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As my oldest sister, she had invited everyone down to her place. So he finished his beer, I took the glass into the ladies room, filled it up, snuck it back to the table and put it in front of him. That I had tried to broach the subject with girlfriends that I had, but couldn't even get past talking about watching them in the bathroom? Her face bowed down and I saw her eyes closed tightly, her lips parted, and there was indeed a stream of tears pouring from the corners of her eyes as she writhed in the throes of orgasm.

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They'd both enjoyed their use of Sam as a urinal they wanted to do it again.

I wasn't too sure about it, but since Sam hadn't gotten sick from drinking their piss I figured that it might be possible.

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