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I have become particullary fond of the SPR 310 but I hear its length of pull is 13 7/8" which makes it "so shooters of less than average height (5'0" to 5'6") will find that it fits them well". -Chris The Remington SPR 310 is NOT made by Remington, it is imported by Remington.

Now im not the smallest guy in world, I stand at 6 feet 5 inches and have over 6 foot 5 inch wingspan (length of finger tip to finger tip with arms stretched out horizontally) will this shotgun be ackward for me to handle? The gun is made by Spartan in Russia, and it is junk for clay shooting.

There is a real good reason why Remington stopped importing the SPR 310..doesn't last and the returns for repair was starting to hurt the bottom line.

The only brand new sub 00 O/U I would even consider purchasing besides a Baikal would be a Lanber. At one point last year there was an SPR at Wellburn's Weapons in Central Point, OR (my old hangout) and it sat there for quite some time with no interest at all and the price had been lowered twice already.I bought my Citori (built in '74 with 30" F/F and 1.75" forcing cones) last year for 0 and have put a good 7k rounds through it so far (trap and dove/quail and turkey hunting) and it's still showing no signs of wear on any part of it.To me, that's a much better investment in that this gun will apparently outlive me and my kids whereas the less expensive O/U will not. Do your due diligence and shop around for the right shotgun. Regardless of what it is, welcome to the wonderful world of shotgun sports! The wife's 1100 LT-20 Skeet-T In looking through I am amazed how cheap you can purchase a well maintained, used 1100. A friend told me that pumps are seldomly used in skeet shooting because shooting doubles with a pump would prove to be quite a task. ) Does anyone have any experience shooting skeet with a pump?I am no stranger to quality and I know it when I see and especially feel it (nothing like the feel of a long gun or handgun that feels like it was made for your hand/body).Bottom line is I love the sport of clay shooting and enjoy doing a little hunting myself, its just time for me to own my very own shotgun and not have to borrow buddies weapons anymore, and some how manage this on a starving college students budget.

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