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This was another of the many Zalman King-produced, soft-core, sensually-filmed and soft-focused erotic dramas (previously he helmed Two Moon Junction (1988) and Wild Orchid (1989), and produced 9-1/2 Weeks (1986) and Siesta (1987)).

Director/co-scripter Philip Haas' controversial, visually-striking costume drama, an adaptation of A. Byatt's novella titled Morpho Eugenia, was set in Victorian England.

:) This foreign born former A list athlete was considered the greatest British soccer player of his time.

When he was in his mid 30's, on a tour of the US, he and a friend raped a 15 year old in a hotel room.

They worked together on an ant colony research project taking many months - she was much wittier and smarter than William's wife (causing Eugenia jealousy and dissatisfaction).

[Note: There were clear parallels between the insect world and the Alabaster family - Lady Alabaster was the Ant Queen, while her children were her larval offspring.]The story's revelation by the conclusion involved the dark, hidden, and shocking sexually-transgressive secret of incest (an anagram of insect!

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