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Ashley Madison has tentatively offered a total of .2 million in compensation to users for a data breach which led to the exposure of 36 million accounts.

Late last Friday, affairs and dating website Ashley Madison's parent company Ruby Life, formerly known as Avid Dating Life, said that an agreement has been reached between the firm and class action lawsuits brought against Ruby for the cybersecurity incident.

The company's use of fake profiles and bots to entice users to subscribe to paid accounts was also placed under scrutiny.

As Ashley Madison information was uploaded online and is available for sale on the Dark Web, the threat of blackmail by cybercriminals emerged soon after the breach and continues to be ongoing.

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She then had the idea to tweet about it, and ask if anyone wanted to come with her.

But, she said, it was mostly a joke."I figured if anyone responded it would be a close friend that would come with me just for fun," she said.

The adult dating site, designed with extramarital affairs in mind, was the victim of a successful cyberattack in 2015.

At the time the service called itself "the last truly secure space on the Internet," but it did not stop hackers from stealing databases full of user information and network data.

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