M4m older dating

I know he is gay friendly, has mentioned rooming with a gay guy at a conference, but he always is flirting and chasing female tail. Sorry, no NSFW pics from this guy, but here is a nice FEETS pic. The creepy "daddy" label does not factor into that, because there are many other guys in that age range who I don't find attractive.I have made subtle moves of being interested but no return interest. His name is Kevin Rockwood, and he's a model/photographer from Hawaii. (You have to scroll down a bit for the full picture). I just like natural, fit, good looking men, no matter the age. My heart skips a beat when that commercial comes on, and I would drop everything to be with him in my fantasy world. When he was a news anchor in San Diego, I used to see Andre Moreau occasionally at the bathhouse, Club San Diego.He was really cute, and I thought, “Well, okay, yeah! heck, i would do ANYTHING for the late great steve reeves when he was 74 before he passed away.. This thread is hopefully a bit of inspiration for them.” So he drove an hour to see me, and we had a really good time. he had a body and a ass that would put most men in their 20's and 30's to shame! and with that pierce brosnan thick dark hair and piercing blue eyes and great facial bone structure he was a walking wet dream! Finally, not all of us want the younger twink so to speak, but there are those of us that do.

Former porn star Derek Anthony: Age: 53/54 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 175 lbs. we men of today are looking better and taking much better care of ourselves than ever before!

But the one who disappointed me the most: Samantha-UNWILLING TO EAT A GORGEOUS GUY'S BUBBLE BUTT!!

Don't mean to derail; here are my kind of hot mature guys.

All too often we put too much pressure on the things we want most in life, which for many gay men is a partner (be it sexual or life long).

The gay community doesn't make things any easier, but that doesn't mean the cycle of negative thinking and behavior can't be broken.

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