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It was irrational, she knew, but the Takuya she saw was so often exhausted and drained and didn't want to talk about anything, and she was jealous.She was afraid that, even though Takuya had married her, she might lose him to someone who had known him longer, someone who knew the depths of his heart better than her.(Shizuka and Goro have a conversation.Kusanagi Tsuyoshi is one of the few Japanese celebrities that Korean netizens across the board are supportive of because he's very open with his love for Korea and mending Korean/Japanese relationships.-Article: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi "I was happy to see that people were interested in me by dressing in my image" honest confession Source: Newsen via Nate1.I used to love this show better than Healing Camp but today's episode was inexcusable.

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in which kimura doesn't quite manage this s&m thing (kimugoro, r)2.

How can they say they're hungry when he's finally being asked some questions??

If I were him, I'd hate Korea if they kept treating me like this.

[ 60, -3] I was really looking forward to his guesting on this episode because I know how much he loves Korea, to the point where he'll often feature Korean cuisine on Suma Suma Bistro...

The attitudes of the three MCs were so disrespectful and rude, how is it that an extra was given more spotlight than the actual guest? [ 49, -1] Everyone already knows how much he loves Korea..

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