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Also, we will see a "shortest international bridge in the world".Before back to New York, we will have a short stay at duty-free stores.Afterwards, we will depart for Toronto to visit the CN Tower.We will also have the option of taking a Mariposa Toronto Harbour Cruise.If such improvements can be made, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary - we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels.At certain peak periods duplicate departures may operate, and sometimes in reverse order in which case hotels may vary from those stated on the itinerary pages.Cancellations and Cancellation Fees Regardless of reason, cancellations result in costly charges from our travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by canceling confirmed and pending bookings.

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After crossing the border to Canada through the Rainbow Bridge, we will ascend the Skylon Tower.

Guests will be picked up in New Jersey and New York in the early morning.

We will head north to Secret Caverns(winter)/Watkins Glen(summer) in upstate New York. Winter schedule (Nov-Apr): Today we will go to visit Secret Caverns.

Later, we will have dinner in the historic Chinatown district.

Winter schedule (Nov-April): We depart from hotel to join in-Depth Tour (Whirlpool State Park and Old Fort Niagara), this interesting and exciting fuller tour of the greater Niagara area takes guests to sights they otherwise may not see, such as the impressive water formation at Whirlpool State Park or the historic Old Fort Niagara.

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