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Then she said smiling, “satish iam already married, you cannot flirt and make me fall in love with u. Then I said, “nice blouse too aunty, it is adding more beauty to your sexy back”. I put my hand under that and moved my hand toward the right. There was no word from Nisha aunty, and that was a wonder. I took a towel and wiped out all the wetness and kissed her pussy. I felt like a tight rubber seal along the length of my shaft. She has removed her whole dress inside the bathroom and came out stark naked. Both of us fell on to the floor, and started attacking each other, with in no time, my dick was inside her hole again, and the ramming continued. She was making sounds like……..hssssssssssssssss………………uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, satishhhhhhhhhhhhh………….don’t stop please don’t stop……………I increased the speed, and rammed her like machine gun. After a minute I shot loads of hot cum in to her vagina. My penis was still inside her vagina, I sat on the floor and made her sit on my lap facing me. ‘But right now in this world, I belong only to you bad boy’, she whispered, and place my hands over her boobs and made me squeeze them. I moved my hands through her arm pit, lifted her shoulders from bottom, and I rested on my elbows, looking at her beautiful face. “You fucked me like a maniac, this is most memorable sex in my life. But this is not at all the time, I have to make sweetie get ready for the school” she said.“satiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish, I know very well about myself, now stop romancing me idiot, I am very older than you, do all this with your age girls, atleast you will get a girl friend. But surprisingly she didn’t say a word, and found her belly button, deep inside the petticoat. I moved my hand under the bra and finally I could feel the bulge of her big right boob. I slowly moved my entire right hand and cupped her boob. I pinched her nipple and I heard a small sssss……,, escaping from Nisha aunty. While playing with the boob I slowly started moving my left hand further deep in the petticoat. She was oozing more and more liquid while I was kissing. I pulled the half of the length of my dick out of her vagina, and saw her face. With this, my penis again grew harder in her vagina and was ready for action. I lifted her up like that itself and laid her on the bed and banged her for five minutes and cummed again. From today you don’t need to feel bad for not having a girl friend. She mercilessly pulled my dick and went off in to the bath room. She came after 15 minutes, and started searching for her clothes. ‘ Stop it satish why are you so fast, not now go to your room, I will prepare dinner for you also, you come at ’ she said. Sweetie came, I played with her for some time and went to my room. Seeing her in that dress and sitting idle was like a torture to me. She again gave a naughty smile after locking the door. I was pressing her boobs over her dress, she pushed me off, and said ‘BAD BOY, sweetie will come at any moment. But I again pinned her to the wall and started kissing her all over the face and crushing her boobs with my chest. That was a skin tight salwar, which revealed her each and every curve. But I didn’t know that, the chance I am waiting for was very close. I could see a mixed expression of fear and lust in her face. Then I acted and said ‘oh I am extremely sorry and’ and started rubbing her boobs with a napkin. I was very eager for a chance, so that I can have her completely and fuck her. I wished him and went to my room, thinking why is he here, so early? I slowly started squeezing her thigh with my left hand under the table. I acted like taking something and pushed her elbow, which made her spill the water over her chest. But at the bottom of the table she pinched me hard on my thigh. I continued squeezing her thigh, in order to prepare her for a much higher session to night. Finally we finished eating, and I was eagerly waiting for the prime moment. She was much tensed and pulled my hands and said, ‘oh its okay it’s okay no problem.

My parents stay in Dubai, but they want to settle finally in India, so they wanted my education to go on in India itself. I wanted to change the hostel and I was searching for a small flat or room. She asked me, if I could come along with her to shamshabad airport. Leave it boy, it is ur age what made you speak like that. It was in the evening and I said “aunty, it is getting darker”. As I got used to her acting, I pulled her to me by holding her waist and hugged her tightly. I caught her stomach and stood up slowly by licking the entire length of her back.

I felt a sudden jolt of electricity passing through my spine. ‘Ohhh god’ she said that, she shook her head and started moving. I said ” No probs aunty it is already dark, no one can see us”. I went still inside and put my entire hand over her, clean shaven pussy. As soon as I placed my hand over her pussy, she closed her thighs. She just pushed me away and started searching for her dress. She said, ‘shhhhhhh, sweetie has woke up for peeing. As it was already skin tight, her erect nipples are protruding under dress. I searched my way towards her love hole again, and pushed it deeper in to the hole. ” ufffffffff………..baddy, don’t turn me on now, please leave me now” , she said. I will take at least one and half hour bad boy” she said.

That was the first time; I am touching a girl’s waist. She stopped the vehicle and said, “saitish, as I told you earlier, I can understand the effect of you teenage, it is very common, but I am not the right person to do all this”. ‘You are a very bad boy satish, I thought you are very innocent’ she said. They looked like, they might tear away the dress, more over with the sweat, her dress stuck to her body so awkwardly. She couldn’t find her paijama, so she wore my track. Both of them went in to the bath room, and came after some time. With a disturbance at the peak point, I was very angry. She told me to stay in the guest bedroom, so that sweetie will not get a doubt. ” It is 7: 10 now, so you got 20 minutes of grace period to make her ready right” I said.

As I was only 16 years old, I was treated like a small boy and I got a good freedom in their house. Finally to get some courage I started talking to her. So I had to pull my hands from her blouse and sat properly. I caught one of her nipple with my teeth and pulled it . I went down and pulled the strings of her paijama paijama. And there was the gate way to reach the precious property of Nisha aunty.

She asked me ” what satish, you said that you didn’t mean to say that? (I wanted to add some spice……so got courage and added). She laughed out loudly and pinched on my thigh and said “naughty fellow, you have become bolder in few minutes?? In the mean while we reached air port and she gave send off to her friend. This time I asked aunty to drive, I said I was very tired for driving so long. She slowly opened the door, she put on the light and shocked to see me almost naked in her room, and gasped, hey satish what did u do. I went and hugged her tightly from behind, while she lock bolt.

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