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In 1935 brassières were updated with padded cups to flatter small breasts and three years later underwire bras were introduced that gave a protruding bustline.There was also a return to a small waist achieved with girdles.The French word in its original form derives from the old French word linge, meaning 'linen'. In French the word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either sex.Informal usage suggests visually appealing or even erotic clothing.

Manufacturers began to use lighter and more breathable fabrics.

Lingerie is made of lightweight, stretchy, smooth, sheer or decorative fabrics such as silk, satin, Lycra, charmeuse, chiffon or (especially and traditionally) lace.

These fabrics can be made of natural fibres like silk or cotton or of synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon.

The 1940s woman was thin, but had curvaceous hips and breasts that were pointy and shapely.

In the 1960s the female silhouette was liberated along with social mores.

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