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vendor from her native Korat who does so well that she was able to buy some adjacent shophouses which she converted into modest accommodation – and now makes more money from property than she does pounding out her spicy Isaan concoctions. 50 odd pairs of shoes, being sold at 199 baht each, means around 10,000 baht if she sold them all in one night – which is unlikely. Along parts of Sukhumvit the massage girls have become almost as persistent as the Indian tailors, but unlike the tailors who are persuasive and seem almost passionate about what they're doing, the dull monotones that come out of their mouths won't convince anyone to get a rub down.

The light was fading fast as I finally made it to soi 4, the sun racing towards the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Mango as the city was caught in limbo, that short period when it undergoes the transformation between day and night.

The town of Welshpool itself is well worth visiting.

Just four miles from the border with England, Welshpool has a rich history dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

Appearance: A vibrant, clear sunset pink Nose: Fresh biscuit with young raspberry and grapefruit aromas Palate: Citrus with medium crisp finish, vibrant mousse Selection of 2 vineyards that were harvested earlier by hand to give higher acidity and elegant flavours.

Watching these migrant workers gossip in their native Lao about life in Bangkok, I found myself wondering how different their lives really were. It was quieter than usual and much different from Soi Cowboy with less traffic on the road and fewer vendors about. It looks like these two pulled the short straw and ended up standing out on Sukhumvit soi 5, just across from Foodland, attempting to entice customers into the small sub soi to their massage house.

From the 16th century timber-framed buildings of the High Street to the Red Lion Flannel Factory and Warehouse, the town teems with architectural gems and historic buildings.

The Town Wharf is a pleasant place to watch the boats sail by, and the Powysland Museum provides a fascinating insight into the history and heritage of the town and surrounding area.

To many it is the centre of naughty nightlife for foreigners.

For others it's a major shopping boulevard while to some, it's home to some of the most upmarket housing you can find in downtown Bangkok.

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    [tags: media, Environment] - The Congress for New Urbanism and Environmental Awareness In the last two decades the New Urbanism movement has begun among planners, designers, and builders.

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