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As illustrated below, windows facing the screen during daylight are certainly something to avoid with this one.Once the monitor is on and placed in a more suitable location things improve, particularly when it’s displaying lighter content.The Dell S2740L is the first monitor to make use of a glossy 27” IPS panel.With its glossy glass-covered design and capable technology within Dell are hoping that this monitor can brew up a bit of a storm.

The downside of this is that the monitor is best suited to controlled lighting environments as reflections can be an issue.Due to the space between the screen itself and the glass ‘cover’ you can sometimes observe internal reflections.These are most likely to happen when light content (particularly white) is displayed against a much darker background as illustrated in the picture below.This confers a number of advantages over matte surfaces.The glass surface is also quite pleasing aesthetically and makes the front of the screen flush.

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