Egyptian sphinx carbon dating

We focus here upon the Second Pyramid, as having been built upon quite sloping ground, 3-6° of incline.

In one corner, a huge expanse of solid rock was ‘bulldozed’ away to make a level surface, while at the other end huge cubic blocks of three metres side-length, weighing some two hundred tons each, were used to build up the level surface.

[NB, you might wish to read the earlier math section to refresh your memory] Instead, they had gradients for measuring slope, i.e. I found that slopes of the descending passages were related to those of the first and second pyramids as precise angle bisections, within an arcminute – which could surely not have been done using ancient Egyptian mathematics.

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That used the 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle, the first in human history.Egyptian units of measure contain this concept, insofar as they convert from area to linear measure, (from remens to Royal cubits) but as far as anyone knows they did not have a precise value as here used.The height of the King’s Chamber was exactly proportioned with the sole purpose (as far as anyone knows) of placing an integer 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle in the diagonal plane of the chamber.We compare these with the titanic stones at Baalbeck in Lebanon, the only place on Earth with even larger stone blocks carved and fitted into a wall, of a huge flat, raised surface; but do not speculate as to their purpose or who made them.We are merely concerned to endorse the fundamental hypothesis expounded in the books of Graham Hancock, whereby some amnesia has somehow separated our recorded history from that mythic past, maybe in the 3rd millennium BC and earlier, when cultures existed that were able to do these things.

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