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United operates out of nine airline hubs located in Chicago, Denver, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington, D. Chicago-O'Hare is United's largest hub, both in terms of passengers carried annually (16.8 million in 2016) and in terms of departures (181,488 in 2016).This passed George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, which carried 15.5 million with 178,019 departures.The 1970s also saw economic turmoil, resulting in "stagflation" and labor unrest.The 1978 Airline Deregulation Act, resulting in industry shakeups, further added to the carrier's difficulties in a loss-making period.The carrier also launched a low-cost subsidiary in 1994, Shuttle by United a high frequency, west coast-based operation, in an attempt to compete with low-cost carriers; the subsidiary remained in operation until 2001.billion, but withdrew the offer in July 2001 before the United States Department of Justice barred the merger on antitrust grounds due to widespread objection from employee unions, customers and political leaders.

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United merged with Capital Airlines in 1961 and regained its position as the United States' largest airline.The carrier launched a new, all coach, low-cost carrier named Ted in 2003, and a luxury "p.s." (for "premium service") coast-to-coast service on re-configured 757s in 2004. The board of directors of both Continental and UAL Corporation's United Airlines reached an agreement to combine operations on May 2, 2010.In 2005, United cancelled its pension plan in the largest such default in U. While United would be the surviving airline, the merged airline would adopt Continental's logo and livery.All manufacturing interests east of the Mississippi became United Aircraft (the future United Technologies), while all manufacturing interests west of the Mississippi became a revived Boeing Airplane Company.UATC's former airline interests were folded into a single airline, United Air Lines.

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