Dating miss lora

I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think that this most important and certainly big love and care of me and of our future family. But without his help, without his love and understanding it will make difficultly. I to know you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me and let's me trust, that I that I can love and be loved!!! Because we with each letter to each other to become all is closer. ' I dream of our meeting and about that as we shall go for a walk with you, to keep for hands, As we shall look after one after another and as we shall do(make) love. We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon Let's meet. I have big problems, I don't know, what to do, I don't want to leave. I know, people make mistakes, but dear, we'll forgive each other when we sometimes fail. she sends all the same letters to all her people and then they start asking for money and she doesn't even exist. be very careful, the letters are well read and very believable.

I to want to be happy with the man and to lead(carry out) with him all life. I wait for your answer, it is very important to me to know that you think of that that I have written To you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust to breakmy heart. I to not speak you, that it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary to know the person so that to be completely sure in him. I shall be with impatience to wait for your following letter. When we find each other, we rush in embraces each other, we enjoy these embraces very much. I think ' My God, a thank that you have helped me to find Mine unique(sole) and I hope that we shall incorporate to him and we shall be happy. The visa is registered 2 weeks and operates 3 months then. I Is very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet Are necessary money, but money it only paper, main that we shall meet with By you. I'll not to be able to leave my country during 5 years. The only way is to pay for repairing and moral damage, I'm so. I hope, you'll understand me and don't leave in such a difficult moment. Write me soon, I need I need you now more than even. You may contact them directly if you wish and find out the information yourself. Here it is : [email protected] plan trips from Moscow I must tell you dear. But for you, I want to be the best woman to make you happy always. here is an agency in Lugansk "queen agency" they have a girl on there Lora or Larissa.

You show the large interest to me and I think we can have the future I think it's more than real, it really!!! As I said, I did have very serious intentions and dreamed of the day we would be together. When I hear about this awful incident, immediately has gone to hospital. The doctors have said, that it is necessary immediately to make operation to her . When we were left by my father, she was the unique people who always cared about me and understood me. 71-a ZIP/Postal code:51929 I need your full name, address and 10-digital money transferr control number (you must take it on your Western Union operator). I've asked about reliable they said that it's simply and reliably: when sender send it, sender receive the secret ten digits code which he must to inform to receiver. I never thought that is possible to acquaint with the man through the Internet. I hope that you realize my letter well, as I do not know well grammar English and I use by the program of transfer(translation). She(it) was sick much ambassador of destruction of the father, left from work, its(her) heart has not sustained such loadings with experiences, it became bad to work. When to me 27 years my friends were executed have presented me the charming cat, as they knew that I very much love animals. She(it) already became adult, and behaviour as at the small cat. The receiver must have identification of person, so I have it. I asked your help about our meeting because I love you Don, I think you want to see me too Don and I'm very happy. In our city there are many schools, in one of which I work. I hope that it will not influence further acquaintance. She(it) has died in two years after destruction of the father. Recently I was told by my girlfriend that it is possible to get acquainted with the man under the Internet. I to tell her, that our attitudes(relations) to develop successfully and she is happy for us. She to dream, that I, at last, there was not one and to have family. Nothing it is necessary except for your letter and you. I dream as you Will carry me on hands, to embrace me, to kiss and to embrace my gentle body. She speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live Further. You know, in wedding vows, people say ''for better or for worse'', I'm sure if we see each other at our worst we'll still love each other, because our love is strong. Lenina 47, ap.11 If you can help, please, help me as soon as possible! I was strongly upset and after that I was strongly disappointed in Russian men. I have understood that can become the happy man with one Russian. My aunt to learn(teach) me, that I should be always open. I to notice, that our letters are ever more complete by love and good mood. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In MY HEART, In MY IDEAS. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and She has told me that the visa B-2 the best variant that to us with you to meet. xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Help me my dear Brian . Love is not truly strong unless it's strong enough to withstand any stress. We've found each other in the distance, & our hearts are connected, my love. i flew over to meet her, and as soon as i was leaving i got an email that her father needed surgery in another town and had to leave.

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