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, , » » ^^^ viii CONTENTS CHAm XR XIX PAGE Descriptive of a dinner at Mr. • » 314 i * • CHAPTER XX Wherein Nicholas at lengfth encounters his Uncle, to he expresses his Sentiments with much * Candour. A then recent notorious law case had drawkfl inblic attention to the tcanda Jous state of alfaira ii Vork^re "cheap schools,'" and Dickens, who ha4l Ctflwr been moved by the rumours of the cnoimtties (tone in the name of education, determined to aviti) himteir of the fresh publicity given to the subject.Ralph Nfckleby's, and of the Manner in which the Company enter- tained themselves before Dinner, at Dinner, and after Dinner ... Writing about ten years later (in the pre£ice Gr H c Jirap edition of Nkholai Nu Hebj) the a aid t " 1 cannot call to mind now, how \ cvnft U bcv tiiout Yotkuhirr schools when 1 mat a nc A. a'uth M^ BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE ] robust child, Kitting in bye-places, near Rocht Castle, with a head full of Partridge, Strap, T« Pipes, and Sancho Piinza ; but I know that my " impressions of them were picked up at that time, that they were, somehow or other, connected witli a suppurated abscess that some boy had come home with, in consequence of his Yorkshire guide, phi lo soph er, 'friend, haviog ripped it open with an inl pen-knife.

*-e6pecially as he don't like it." *Weil," observed Mrs. I hope it'll bring his pride down, and hall be no fault of mine if it don't." ^lowy a proud usher in a Yorkshire school was h a very extraordinary and unaccountable thing to ir of, — any usher at all being a novelty, but a fud one a being of whose existence the wildest igination could never have dreamt — that Miss ueers, who seldom troubled herself with scholastic tters, inquired with much curiosity who this nickleboy was that gave himself such airs.

On February i, Dickens wroie to his wife from Greta Bridget saying that he and Hablot Browne were to visit Barnard's Cattle ("all the schools are round about that place") during that day, and that he expected to reach home by the morning of the 7th (his own birthday). Godfrc]"' Nickleby, a woriliy gentleman, who taking tt in W hit htad rather late in life that he must get married lod not being young enough or rich enough to a Epirl 10 the hand of a )ady of fortune, had wedded an oii7.

On ihe last-named date he wrote to Forster, saying, " I /)avf begun ! LIKE AND ADVENTURES OF , had no great diiiicii Jty in airivlng at and tried to persuade himself that the feeling ol no farther than between them.

I wrote four slips last night, so you see (he beginning ^^ia made.'' ■ 'Begun on February 6, i H^H, Nh Mat Niri Uiy ^^ras linished on Si.-ptember to, 1839 — tljc ai ' ^^Bever being a tingle number in advance of the pri ^Hpith the story. As he was absorbed in these meditation* j| once encountered the aptumed (ace of Snri was on his knees before the stove, pckicg a f cinders from the hearth and planting them olfll He bad pused to steal a look at Nicho Ur, 1 he saw that he was observed, shrank I expecting a blow.

The first of the twenty ' le aath OT eprinteu^J f sbi Uii JH BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE xv m^ he painted two of the characters in this story^ ; have his own word for it, from actual life } the ing originals of the Brothers Cheeryble being two inufacturers of Manchester, named Grani. ickleby, too, it is said, was partly sketched from e novelist's own mother. "You need not fear me," said Nicholaf H There w :old; e shivering.' 3t cold," replied Smike qiackly.'' I obvions fear of giving o| ner, and he was such a timid, brokea' ', that Nicholas coald not help ^ "Poor iellowi" If he had Gt JULk the drudge, he would h away without u woni But now he buret in " Oh dear, oh dear I " he cried, covering II with hh cracked and homy hands, " My )* ' Iwenk. " " Quite enough for him, my dear, and a great deal X much I dare say, if he knew it," replied Squeers 1 a pacific tone.

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