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The shooting part is controlled by your mouse movements. Instead, you get to shoot your arrows directly at another opponent!

Every time you score, the bin will also be moved backwards or forward. It can be played both against the computer and against another human player (each one taking a turn). Binball Wizard Another bin-throwing game — but this time, instead of a paper ball, you get to kick a soccer ball.

This little piece of game is coming straight from 1972! The principle is the same, but on the different levels you will have gravity fields, bouncing blocks and other items. Space Invaders When a game has its own Wikipedia page, you know it must be good, right? If you never played it, it is basically a fighting game where you can match the characters from several Nintendo game titles, including Mario, Zelda and Pokemon.

On each level, you will have a large number of balloons, a specific number of dart throws, and a required number of balloons to pop. Commander Keen If you never played Commander Keen, you are with the minority.

This classic has been revived on Flash, and while the quality is not outstanding, it will sure entertain the series fans for a while. Tetris Perhaps the most famous game world wide, we sure could not leave it out of the list.

Needless to say, at the end of each level, you will also need to kill a boss. As you would expect, you have several weapon upgrades along the way, stationary cannons, big bosses and lots of fun. Onslaught A classic tower defense game where you have several types of turrets at your disposal.

The cool twist of this game is that you are able to upgrade your turrets, and depending on the combination, you can make them work together for a combo attack.

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