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Thus, the aims of the present review were as follows: (1) to document and analyse local knowledge about the veterinary use of invertebrates and their derivative products in contemporary Spanish EVM; (2) to contribute to the transfer of part of the traditional knowledge to new generations; (3) to contribute to the dissemination of results within the scientific community in order to open a door to research in other disciplines, for example future research into the validation of the effects, and (4) to contribute to the establishment of animal production systems consistent with ecological agriculture and sustainable development.To access the maximum number of documentary sources, a qualitative systematic review of international and national databases was conducted.No restrictions regarding the language of the publications consulted were imposed.After performing a thorough analysis of the references retrieved and studied, the data were included in a database with a number of fields to characterise the animal species used, the ailment treated, the geographical location of the remedy and its corresponding bibliographic citation.The ISI Web of Science and Anthropology Plus and JSTOR III—Arts and Sciences international databases were consulted.The national resources referenced include the database of Ph D theses, TESEO; the information system of the databases of the CSIC (Spanish Research Council); the Dialnet bibliographic website; Google Scholar, and the catalogue of Public State Libraries.

Among them, 53 have allowed the registration of a total of 93 remedies based on the use of a single animal species.In order to assess how contemporary the reviewed veterinary practices are, we mainly obtained use-reports in studies published over the past 15 years, namely from 12 works published between 20 and 13 published between 20.We have also included data collected in 11 works from the 1990s, nine from the 1980s, six from the period 1952–1976, and two from the early 20th century (19).Invertebrates used in contemporary Spanish EVM with indications of the body parts and/or products used, ailments treated, target domestic animal groups, modes of preparation and application, and geographical location of the remedies A Pastoriza (Lugo), Laza (Orense), Gozón and El Franco (Asturias), Comarca de Campoo (Cantabria), Valle de Carranza (Vizcaya), Viniegra de Abajo (La Rioja), Valls d’Aguilar (Lérida), Arànser (Lérida), Puigcerdà (Gerona), Camp de Tarragona Tierra de Cameros (La Rioja), Province of Guipúzcoa, Basque Country, Valls d’Aguilar (Lérida), Comarca de Zafra (Badajoz), Extremadura, Estepona (Málaga), Almendra, Cabeza de Framontanos, La Calzada de Béjar and Garcihernández (Salamanca), Valle de Tena and Tierra de Biescas (Huesca) ].The two most relevant zoological groups in terms of their contribution to EVM in Spain are insects (41 remedies, 6 useful species and 3 ethnotaxa) and molluscs (19 remedies, 8 useful species and 1 ethnotaxon).

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