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Lifting, swimming, rockwall climbing, volleyball, anything and everything.

My vice is trashy pop-culture, so I admit I'm always up to date on 7.

I cross train as well with dance classes, rock climbing, different forms of cardiovascular exercise, and strength training.5.

I wound up having to finish this totally embarrassing day by awkwardly talking my way out of a few casual drinks at the bar down the street. Totally not his fault, I should have stayed home to begin with...4. I haven't mastered any of them, by far, but I like to try.

I decided to stick around and pretend that I didn't realize I had been released - hoping that the CD would also forget. Instead he got the idea that I had an interest in him that wasn't related to work, if you get my drift. From Jujuitsu to Krav Maga, I think that its a great workout for your mind and body.

I was bummed because I knew "the read" was my forte, but I hadn't made "the cut". I've really enjoyed learning different styles of martial art and hold it near and dear to my heart. Lately I've been a big fan of a new genre of music that blends hip-hop with a uniquely American form of music, Bluegrass.

You have to OFFER at least, and then I'll be happy to pay. Nic recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon's musical theatre program. Before the callback for "The Boys Upstairs," I received an e-mail from my agents informing me that I had done well at the first round of auditions, but that the creative team wanted me to "dress hipper" and not be so "nebbish." I'm working on those things with my life coaches.4. I think about this memory every time I go on stage. Watching Denis O'Hare on stage delivering the most riveting piece of art I had ever seen until that point in my life, and still prob to this day, sparked the love for creativity and openness that I hope I can make others feel today. But I knew I wanted to do this as a career when I saw Take Me Out on Broadway. I remember one time, specifically, when we were at state competition in the Solo and Ensemble contest when I was a junior in High School. My dad was so proud of my hard work and would sit and listen to me play for hours. He was a wonderful critic and a very caring mentor.

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