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It was released under the name “Phun” and was free for download for individual and non-commercial use. ) tremendously popular at You Tube and has had nearly two million views at the time of writing (Aug 2009).In May 2008, Emil and Phun moved into a spin-off company of Umeå University, named Algoryx Simulation AB, which was founded by Emil’s supervisor Kenneth Bodin and his colleagues in 2007.In particular, there has been much development on the visualization of physical properties, e.g.force vectors and velocities, as well as a versatile plotting system.Algoryx now continues to develop and sell the software under the name Algodoo, with Emil as lead programmer and project lead.The name Algodoo is inspired by the two words “algorithm” and “do”, which means that we use algorithms for getting things done!Il s’agit d’une version portable pouvant être installée sur un clé usb.Algodoo is a 2D physics simulator which aims to be fun, easy to use and educational.

To be honest, we pretty much want Algodoo to be all of this and we leave it to you to find out how to best make use of Algodoo!

Site officiel (présentation et téléchargement) : sur Frama Soft : à l’algorithmique avec Algobox : un un langage de programmation puissant. Il est développé sous licence libre et est multiplateformes.

La version proposée au téléchargement ici (et utilisée au lycée) est la version 2.6.

The more you explore, the more options you'll discover.

You're able to add fluids, springs and hinges, play around with optics and lenses, alter gravity, friction, attraction and more.

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