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Therefore, when concentrated albumin is administered, care must be taken to ensure adequate hydration of the patient.

Patients should be monitored carefully to guard against circulatory overload and hyperhydration.200 g/L human albumin solutions are relatively low in electrolytes compared to 40-50 g/L human albumin solutions.

Do not dilute FLEXBUMIN 20% with Sterile Water for Injection as this can cause hemolysis in recipients.

There exists a risk of potentially fatal hemolysis and acute renal failure from the use of Sterile Water for Injection as a diluent for Albumin (Human) in concentrations of 20% or higher. Based on effective donor screening and product manufacturing processes, it carries an extremely remote risk for transmission of viral diseases and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (v CJD).

However, human albumin is a normal constituent of human blood.

Care must be taken to ensure adequate substitution of other blood constituents (coagulation factors, electrolytes, platelets and erythrocytes).

Hypervolaemia may occur if the dosage and rate of infusion are not adjusted to the patient's circulatory situation.

There is a theoretical risk for transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), but if that risk actually exists, the risk of transmission would also be considered extremely remote.

No cases of transmission of viral diseases, CJD or v CJD, have ever been identified for licensed albumin.

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