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These should move easily through the ground.) Some of the methane (colorless - odorless), or other flammable gas, which reaches the surface in the Canneto area could have become trapped inside homes.

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The 8 cm of rain which accumulated in 12 hours was twice that of the average monthly rainfall for July. If there is, from time to time, a large static electrical charge buildup inside the village homes, some of the volcanic ash could become electrically suspended in the air and provide the initial flash, instead of methane. One report has it that the fires tend to take place when trains are approaching the village. A research team found "what they believe is (was) a massive body of solid magma intruding from about one mile to about 11 miles deep beneath the mountain, causing a pressurization of the mountain's deep plumbing system which had fractured the rock." Liquid magma was thought to be "moving through cracks and fissures and collecting in an area about 1.8 miles below the surface." (A copy of this report "Mount Etna Waiting To Erupt; 2003" used to be at is no longer available) Until recently I have been thinking that some of this magma may have been moving beneath the village of Canneto di Caronia.(The molten magma may also be producing electron clouds by thermionic emission.

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