12 step online dating

Most all have been married...short term, some long term..mine...in the H*** did I manage to stay married this long..Why did I get married in the first place..24 yrs... And now i see sooooooooo ...many guys id love to be with...not that many..It's pretty typical to want something u can't have and then u have something u dont want...And because im married and sober....people avoid me like a plague.... Yeah i have to confess, when my spouse and i were in the talking stages of a divorce awhile back...i did go online to one of those Match. I suppose if we had tried all the ways to end this marriage and nothing worked, then it's just meant to be. I am in a away..selfishly this alcoholic is never satisfied. Maybe it was because I titled mine "looking for a dandy little fixer upper..." Seriously, I don't know where to go to meet people.

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I am not sure where we can meet honest, straight forward, sober people, but I feel safe saying not on the dating sites. I think if we are working a program we have found that we deserve better and I think that is where you may be....in there, I do believe there is a person out there for all of us..... Yeah, being a "veteran" of online dating there was no way I could pass up this topic!

I need to focus on just being friends and friendly with people and trust that eventually someone will come along that will be the right fit. I know you didn't ask for advice so I'm not giving any, just support LOL!

Hugs, Kellye Thanks Kellye, I agree with you on all the above.

I have also found that a lot of people use the internet dating as a kind of "training ground", meaning that they are separated but not divorced or newly divorced and still raw and are really not ready for a relationship but want to see what's out there. I met someone that I was with for 18 months through *****!

(the only one I really mess with) and I know people who met that way that ended up married and happy and others that ended up married and now divorced.

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